Факультет Маркетинга и Стратегии Стокгольмкой Школы Экономики занял призовые места в международном рейтинге.

The international professional edition about advertising – "Journal of Advertising" has published a rating of the advertising researches spent by institutes of all world. The centre of client marketing which is a part of Faculty of Marketing and Strategy of the Stockholm School of Economics has occupied an honourable 1 place in Europe and 13 place in the world.

Demand for educational programs in the field of marketing and constantly grows for a long time. At the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia have opened program Executive MBA where to questions of strategy, marketing and market development it is given particular attention. This program is called Executive MBA Strategic Market Development. Within the limits of this program to School come to give lectures teachers from faculty of Marketing and Strategy to the Stockholm School of Economics in Sweden which has occupied places of honour in a prestigious rating “Magazine about Advertising”.

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