Стокгольмская Школа Экономики (SSE) заключила соглашение о сотрудничестве с компанией TRANSEARCH Russia .



TRANSEARCH Russia   / Top Hunt International becomes an adviser in possible questions of career planning for SSE participants and alumni 

On 17 January the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia signed an agreement with TRANSEARCH Russia with the aim of the further career development for students at SSE and alumni. 
The agreement provides for seminars and round tables dedicated to the important and current problems for Russian and foreign managers, with such topics as: ‘Downscaling– deliberate choice or necessity?’, ‘Emotional maturity of leaders’, ‘Networking as effective business tool’, etc.). TRANSEARCH Russia will also present research findings to SSE students and alumni.

Photo commentary: Dr. Anders Liljenberg, Rector of the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia 
and Olga Chebotkova, company partner at TRANSEARCH Russia

For more information please contact  Anna Izmailova

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