У нас новый директор отдела MBA!

Irina Zakharova,
Head of Degree Unit

It is always pleasant for us to speak about personnel changes in the School if they are connected with the employees whom we have known and liked for a very long time already! One of such appointments happened in February of 2009:
Irina Zakharova was appointed as Head of Degree Unit of the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia!
Irina started working for the Stockholm School of Economics already having a big managerial experience. She not only managed departments of several St. Petersburg-based and international companies but also owned her own tourist agency. 

In five years of work for the Stockholm School of Economics she passed a successful path from administrative manager, our student, manager of our publishing house to the present appointment. All colleagues and students of the Stockholm School of Economics, Russia wish successful work in the new capacity to Irina! Way to go!

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